I specialise in cleaning, stripping down by hand and re-finishing items of furniture (see gallery on home page). I also offer an upcycling service, specialising in the

painting of furniture.

Furniture restoration can be a comparatively simple process, involving a light cleaning to remove accumulated dirt, or can be a very complex process involving the complete dismantling and rebuilding of a piece.

Similarly, restoration can be undertaken for many reasons - to restore the appearance of an item of furniture, to conserve the piece for the future, to ensure that the structural integrity is what's required for everyday use or even to prepare the item for sale.

Many people have pieces of furniture that have been painted to coordinate with a particular room decoration scheme and so have lost their original appearance. A restoration process can regain this and bring back the classic style the craftsman intended.

We undertake all types of restoration in our Wirral based studio and are able to advise on the most appropriate process for your furniture.

Though providing a durable surface, French polished furniture is susceptible to heat damage and over time a formerly lustrous surface may become discoloured by exposure to the sun, hot cups and other items. We are able to undertake restoration of French polished furniture.

Each restoration is treated differently and within the Wirral and Merseyside area we are able to visit to assess the best way to deal with a particular item

Contact us to arrange a visit and for further information on the options and their costs.